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By prem82
I hate carrying mutiple credit cards in my wallet. We must get rid of this plastice cards and move on to the future. The magnetic strips in the credit cards basically identify you & tells the merchant if you have enough credit to purchase any product. The merchant gets the information from the credit card issuer via a phone line.

Think about this... We dont need any external items to uniquely identify us... right? Each and everyone of us has unique features like finger-prints or retina. Why cant we use them?...

Retina scan is one of the oldest & most secure bio-metrics available today. The blood vessels on the back of everyone's eye has unique pattern. The retina scan uses a light source to illuminate the blood vessels which are then photographed and analysed. They use something called coupler to analyze the pattern.

Its impossible to fake a human retina at this moment. I read somewhere that the error rate of retinal scan is one in ten million where as for fingerprint, its one in 500.

Ok.. let me come to the point... I want to have a centralized database of retinal scan data of registered users.. Instead of carrying a credit card & swiping it... I would stare at the retinal scan for a moment.. thats it I am done... the merchant can ask for signature...

There must be touch screen infront of me & if I have multiple cards, it should get the details of all the creidt cards/debit cards from the centralized database & show the list of them... then I can choose any one credit / debit card.

At this moment retinal scan is very slow. But thats not an excuse. Thats a limitation that we need to break... I strongly believe that in future, retinal scans can be faster than the barcode scanner....

This is not just for financial purposes.. we can use the database to map his SSN, Driving licence, credit history, criminal backgroud etc... and anything that you could think of....

Imagine that you violate the traffic law for some reason.. the cop need not even ask you any question... just scan your retina, he has all the information in his fingertip...

comments welcome

Reward: A wink after your first retinal scan in McDonalds ;)
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By mossitekidgage
That's great.
I always dreamed of the day when we'd have like, a chip in our wrist, and just wipe it across the counter, and all of our groceries would be paid for.
But... your way is much better. (People can't get seizures from retinal scans, can they?)
Some people may object to it due to police being able to tell who they are. They may think that the government is always following them.
Maybe it could be a choice thing? Or maybe personal laws that make it where they have to give permission before being scanned. Or make it go along with the search and seizure laws.

(Sorry for rambling.)
Nice idea. ;D
By williammartin58
I know about this card. This card indicate our fingerprint, medical data, residence information and - potentially - rings an Orwellian bell.. This is the nice idea that The cops have no need to ask about any person , They get whole information about the person through this cards. One fingertip give whole record of any person..
By Maykel
As we live in a modern era, old things seem to change its course. Modern technologies will help us do our task easier and of course for security reasons. Retinal scan is one of the latest innovations that would eventually be a big help for big companies to secure identity of a person. This is very good and I believe it should be implemented in all forms of businesses to avoid scams and frauds.

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