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Electronics Dress

PostPosted:Tue Mar 04, 2003 3:51 am
by cyberwebb
A dress with buit in microchip and voice recognition capability. when a user wants to chance the color and style, he/she tells the dress what he/she wants and presto, the dress changes according to the user's wants.

PostPosted:Fri Apr 11, 2003 11:01 am
by Michael D. Grissom
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) cloth is not that far away (I think) and because everything else required to make your dress already exist, then, your dress might not be that far away. A recent news release detailed how some scientist found a way to 'paint' an incredibly inexpensive LCD screen on a wall. Resolution is not yet acceptable but, they're confidence is high. They say the resolution IS good enough for instantly changeable camouflage so, who knows, fabric patterns might be next.