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By chevaughn1
It might sound a little bit ahead of are time but it really is a good idea.It's like a regular pill but, instead of taking it for medical needs you take it for food purposes.There is different kinds of flavor and different kinds of foods, so if you had to go somewhere and could not sit down and eat you can take it with you and when you get to your destination,all you got to do is put water on it and it grows into the food you chose,don't have to worry about any spills or food on your cloths.

Rewards:spend less time preparing food for the family,don't have to buy a refrigerator,take up less space.

Well thanks for reading,hope this idea becomes real.
By williammartin58
But We know that There are so many side effect of such type of pill. This type of capsule indicate high power . So generally We need to eat some fruits for its.. I wish that You will give more review of this food pills as soon as.. So We will remove our negative thought about this pills.
By markloy
It might sound a little bit ahead of time, but it really such a good shot from a regular 'idea.It, but the medical need for you to take food supplements purposes.Nutritional Instead of taking, is one of the hottest products in the market these days. It is estimated that more than half of adult Americans use vitamin supplements regularly.
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By Xxistent
"They're making our food out of people...you gotta tell 'em, you gotta tell 'em, you gotta tell everybody. You gotta tell 'em...Soylent Green is people!!!"
Lol. Sorry, the idea of a food capsule reminded me of that line. In all seriousness, a food capsule would be a good idea. I'm not a big fan of the thing we call eating, so I'd be happy to have food capsules with nutritional supplements, as long it's 100% healthy.
By tem.ernst
as a skinny chick who LOOOOOOVVEES certain foods, I'd like to say that this would be good for fish and nasty foods like that. But French Dip au Jus? No. You can't get any better than fresh sliced roast beef with swiss cheese and au Jus. :::::::::))))

Science says that people who eat foods instead of taking vitamins are healthier than people who vitamize. (I d k if that's an actual word but w/e).
By kandynancy88
yeah the info is too good and very much informative thanks for sharing about this food capsule.

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