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Reusable Launch Spacecraft System

PostPosted:Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:19 am
by Alfcon
Here is my Idea.

It�s to build a large ramp in a \_/ formation with electromagnets on all three sides. On this ramp would be like a sled with two rockets. On the sled would sit the craft you want to launch.

Rear View The ramp Set up

As it�s a straight line ramp that would run for 200km or more. The Space craft would sit on the sled held in with a locking mechanism that can be released from in the craft or at the control centre.

The rockets on the sled would accelerate the craft to just beyond escape velocity and then the craft would release from the ramp and be launched into outer space. The sled would reach the top and on the other side the electromagnets would be in be alternated to slow down the sled. Then on the other side it can be used to go the other way or sent back to start again.

The rockets on the sled are reused each time and fuel and electricity is spent each time.

As there is a magnetic field it can be used to generate electricity to help power the electromagnets. I know you would need a power plant to run it but it would be cheaper than the current costs and when it�s not launching crafts into space the power can be redirected to be used by the general public.

Reward: To be one of the first to use the ramp to go into Space.