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Burn Wii games to DVD-RW

PostPosted:Fri May 14, 2010 10:30 am
by donaltrump12
I assume that you have the Homebrew Channel. If not, then you'll have to hack your Wii. Use Google and Youtube and you should be fine.

But anyways you need to install WINrar on your computer, download it here Download WINrar 3.90 depending on your OS. Either 32-bit of 64-bit. WINrar is completely free buy the way. You don't need to purchase it although it says you can.

Go to your folder with your game in it. All those files you see should have the file extension .rar. Those are the RAR files you need to extract. Don't worry about any .nfo, .txt, or .sfv files. SFV checks to make sure you have all the files necessary to get your ISO. So you might want to Download SFV checker which is also free.

Install WINrar. After you install it. It should ask you what files you want to associate with the program. Just make sure that the rar box has a check in it. You can close it after that, as you do not need WINrar to actually be open.

Go to your game folder and highlight all the files that have and icon of 3 books tied in a belt. Those are rar files. Now right click and select Extract Files. A new folder will be created. That will have your ISO in it.

Before we continue, we need to make sure you check the file size of your ISO which should be 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes)
You do this by right clicking the file and then going to the general tab. If it is then we can continue. If not then you either have a bad dump, but I think it can be fixed. Try Google.

Download IMGburn here It has different places where you can download it from. Their called Mirrors. It doesn't matter where you download it from just as long as you get it.

Install it and then open it. Select the first option on the top left which should say Write image file to disc. A new window will pop up. Under Source it says please select a file. You'll see a folder with a magnifying glass over it. Select that and then select the ISO you just extracted.
Now if you are you using DVD-R make sure the verify box has a check in it. If you are using a DVD RW make sure the verify box isn't checked. Set the Write Speed to 1x for the best results. Now just select the Write option which is the DVD on a paper icon that has a green arrow pointing towards a DVD icon. Let IMGburn do it's work. Make sure you stop any other processes that may interfere with IMGburn or the burning process. IMGburn will make a sound to let you know it's done. It should say Operation Successfully Completed!