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You use your phone system (also known as a PBX) every day, so you already know that phone systems are responsible for handling your call control and managing your connection to your telephone service provider. What you might not be familiar with is VoIP.

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a way to make calls across your Local Area Network (LAN) and or Wide Area Network (WAN). The technology behind VoIP converts your analog voice into digital packets which are then sent across a network using the Internet Protocol (IP) to their end destination. VoIP is most commonly associated with making calls across the Internet.

As you’ve probably guessed, a VoIP phone system gets connected to your LAN. It uses your LAN as the backbone of the system – connecting your VoIP phones and your VoIP service provider to the VoIP PBX. That makes a VoIP phone system a phone system that uses IP technology to handle your call control and manage your connection to the Wide Area Network over which your VoIP service comes.

Even though a VoIP phone system uses VoIP and is connected to your LAN most systems can connect directly to the Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This gives you the ability to use both VoIP and the PSTN for your calling.

If your head is spinning right now, don’t worry. Reading about the differences between your existing PBX and a VoIP phone system should help.
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Below is a link to a consumersearch listing of the most used and reputable voIP services currently available.

I've been using skype for a little over a year now. If you've got a good connection and a somewhat powerful computer you'll be just fine. I use it for all long distance calls I make - saves $ (and I can see the person I'm talking with).
VoIP phone service to move forward, is becoming the highly reliable and popular. The key advantages to the VoIP phone system through traditional phone service is very cheap. Other benefits include the convenience and portability of VoIP services, and advanced communications capabilities, in the absence of an additional charge.
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HI thanks for sharing some info what is all i know about it , VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol in which it was introduce after Broadband Internet services came in. The voice are converted into digital and process by a service provider for instance the Ring Central. Thanks
VoIP phone system allows you to make calls over an IP network. The voice signals are converted from analog signal to digital signals and then transmitted over the data network. It is cost effective way of carrying out the communication. Major functionality of the VoIP resides in software that is why it does not involve lots of hardware for its set up. It provides latest phone features like ACD, IVR, voicemail, call waiting and many more. It is specially designed for the small businesses which have a tight economy and want an affordable phone system that can reduce their monthly phone bills.
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Well this is really nice and well detailed thread and the replies made by the members which have the really useful information about VoIP phones. VoIP calling is really cheap and significant calling system that has really low prices by calling all over the world.

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