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A VoIP phone system is quite the change from your existing PBX.

* Your existing PBX uses TDM technology. A VoIP phone system uses IP technology.
* Your existing PBX uses its own closed network. A VoIP phone system uses your existing LAN.
* Your existing PBX uses the PSTN for dial tone. A VoIP phone system uses a VoIP service provider and or the PSTN for dial tone.

Despite using a different technology, network and primary voice service, what makes a VoIP phone system truly different is its ability to easily integrate with your other business systems. This integration of systems allows you to increase productivity, efficiency and sales. When’s the last time you said that about your existing PBX?

There we go getting a little ahead of ourselves again (sorry). It’s true that there are numerous benefits you will receive when you purchase a VoIP phone system. But before we get to those, how about we check out what a VoIP phone system offers?

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