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Your basic VoIP phone system implementation will involve the following components:

1. Your Local Area Network (LAN)
2. Your Internet connection
3. Your connection to the PSTN
4. Your VoIP service provider
5. Your new VoIP PBX (also called an IP PBX)
6. Your desktop VoIP phones (also called IP phones)
7. You and your users

Each of your components plays a critical role in the functionality and benefits you receive from your VoIP phone system. Right now it might not be clear how they all fit together. How about we check out the diagram below for more on that?
I'm just wondering if I can remote my 3cx phone voip system server in the office. Is 3cx phone system has this capability? I'm just a new user of this system. If it can be access outside the office, what would I set, would should I do. Thanks more power and God bless..

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