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By sueturner81
Cost savings is the number-one reason most people switch from a traditional phone service to VoIP. The most basic VoIP service plans can be as little as $20/month for a standard phone plan that includes call waiting, unlimited minutes, and one phone line with several extensions. Larger companies or businesses can save big, too- using a VoIP service, you can virtually eliminate the equipment and maintenance charges that go along with owning a traditional on-site phone system.

VoIP service provides significant cost savings because calls are routed using an internet connection, not traditional phone lines. Since outgoing calls cannot be geographically located, there is no way to assess long distance charges. A call placed using computer/telephony integration will cost the same whether the destination is across the street or across the country- most users can save thousands or more in long distance charges alone.

Cost savings aren’t the only reason to make the switch. VoIP provides unique features, allows you to access calls from anywhere an internet connection is available, and provides valuable call tracking and system management features that can be easily accessed from a computer.
By alasdair12
VoIP technology uses the Internet's packet-switching capabilities to provide phone service.

- Allows us to view the person we are calling via a webcam or videophone.
- You dial the phone number of the party you wish to talk to. The tones are converted by the ATA into digital data and temporarily stored.
- Ability to call mobile phones, regular phones, and long distance or international numbers for a very low cost.
- Saves money on phone bills, giving your business more profit.
- It is less expensive for long distance calls than traditional phone plans.
- You finish talking and hang up the receiver.
By jennyjohn
VOIP enabled networks are usually made to communicate with a wide range of varied equipment without any tweaking. It can easily work on any computer with broadband Internet access. I think that providers are already scrambling to provide the best service for the best price, and you can also have other numbers and even email routed to your VoIP account.
By daryematera
VoIP can run on any computer with access to broadband Internet. It's cheaper for long distance calls than traditional phone plans. With some VoIP plans you can choose your own area code, so it makes it less expensive for the trip. You may have other numbers and even e-mail sent to your VoIP account. Most VoIP plans offer additional programs or applications that would cost more to traditional phone plans.
By jameswilliam
VoIP phone service to move forward, is becoming the highly reliable and popular. The key advantages to the VoIP phone system through traditional phone service is very cheap. Other benefits include the convenience and portability of VoIP services, and advanced communications capabilities, in the absence of an additional charge.
By danlptr12
We all know that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables users to make voice calls, using a broadband Internet connection. The most important benefit of VoIP is in cost saving. Since the users are able to make the calls through the Internet. Also, VoIP security depends upon the security of the network connection provided by the device.
By rickyenjohns
There are many advantages using Voice over IP, including advanced features that standard telephone system and a phone anywhere in the world usually associated with a particular local area are not able to figure potential. But the biggest single advantage is cost VoIP over standard telephone systems.
By ChyrillStucker
Adding more. VoIP also adds to the infrastructure of the companies using it. Specially the small and medium companies having tight budget can use it to large extent to add to their infrastructure. It gives them all the latest phone features.
By Stefen Jack
Voice phone service is the best service to have in and it really benefits a lot and save money.

As far as your described post is really useful for me to have really valuable informationto get. I would say that the VoIP phones have made really important as they are using in 50% businesses and also using in domestic level.

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