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By emmalewis0
Telephone skills are the most important aspect of being successful in a call center job. When you work on the phone all day as a customer service representative, the telephone is the one and only tool that will make or break your success.
Learning and honing telephone and listening skills is the best possible thing a call center agent can do to prove themselves valuable to a company.

Great telephone skills do many good things to maintain an excellent relationship with customers which in turn benefits every person involved from the owner of the company to the call center employee, to the customer.

Some people will find that they have a knack for these skills, and it will be easy to learn and implement the skills a company offers in training. Others may have to work at it a little harder, but it is far from impossible if you are dedicated to being the best call center customer service agent you can be.

I was lucky to have a knack for these skills, but I’ve met plenty of people and helped many people that had to work at it to truly grasp the whole concept of what good telephone skills were all about.

Why are telephone skills important?
The reasons good telephone skills are so important to a call center and (unknowingly) to a customer are many.

Let’s say a customer calls in, confused about her cellular phone service. She doesn’t understand why there are so many text message charges on their bill.

Now, instead of finding the reason for the customer and explaining how the billing works and how they can control this portion of their bill, a customer service agent may simply apologize for the inconvenience and credit the charges to the customer’s account.
By steavejbs
I am looking for using a SIP computer phone as the audio input into ACPs Business VoIP, but Connect doesn't seems to be picking up the audio. I read the post referenced from last fall, but I wanted to know if the SIP > VoIP Phone integration has been released or is slated for release as part of 7.5 or 8.0.
By rammy
Yes telephone skills are very important to be successful in call center business or others types of business. There are many things comes under telephone skills and the most important iscommunication that boost your telephone skills.
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