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A good debt consolidation service will treat you with respect, will develop a plan around your needs, will have a good record with the Better Business Bureau, and will have depth of experience.

We recommend using the oldest, most established company that meets your needs. They will have the contacts with creditors and the experience working with people like you to make debt consolidation a positive experience for all parties.

We recommend you do your own independent research but be wary of new, fly-by-night debt consolidation operations. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Debt consolidation is usually the best option for consumers in debt, but it will require some discipline on your part. A good debt counselor will help you learn to help yourself by consolidating your payments into a realistic schedule and getting creditors off your back so you can focus on making your payments on time.

You want to get out from under the looming shadow of overwhelming debt. You want debt collectors to stop harassing you. You want to rebuild your credit and assume financial control. A good debt consolidation company can help you do all these things.

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