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n these turbulent times Americans are drowning in debt. Especially credit card debt. You may, like millions of others, be depressed, but there may be a way for you to legally eliminate your credit card debt.

Find out what your state's statute of limitations on debt is. You do not have to pay debt that is too old. If you have a credit card debt or any other type of debt that was written off 6 years ago and this debt has shown no activity on your credit report than you are free of the debt forever.
Scavenger debt collectors can buy your credit card debt for pennies on the dollar and they will call and harass you avoid paying it without telling you that the statute of limitations has passed. He is hoping you don't know but you do, so when he calls you just tell him that the debt is no longer collectable and hang up.
Do not admit to owing any debt. If you do, the debt can become active again giving them the legal right to collect.
Credit card companies write off old accounts and get a tax deduction for it. They then sell the delinquent accounts to scavenger bill collectors for pennies on the dollar.
Be patient, wait for the statute of limitations to run out and you can legally eliminate your credit card debt.
You can check with an attorney to find out your state's statute of limitations on debt.
If you actually used the card yourself, you are liable for any purchase. But if you card was either lost or stolen you are only responsible for 50 dollars, no matter who used it by federal law. Its called the consumer protection act of 1994.

I think it is a very nice law protecting the consumer. But I guess it will make the consumer become dependent or will not care even if there card will lost because only 50$ are charged to them.

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