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A parade of little black dresses at Fendi. Photo: Christophe Simon, AFP/Getty Images

It's nearly time to ring in the new year, but your bank account is still reeling from all that holiday cheer. What's a fashionable gal to do? Why, work that favorite little black dress that's already in your closet, of course!

But how do you make the LBD look fresh -- and festive -- for your New Year's Eve parties? We asked celebrity stylist and eBay Fashion contributor Annabel Tollman (Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson, Cynthia Nixon) and celebrity stylist Estee Stanley (the Olsen twins, Penélope Cruz, Jessica Biel) for their tips on jazzing up that old standby.

Here's to a stylish 2011.

Annabel Tollman's LBD tips:

1. Add a belt. Grosgrain ribbon is my favorite, as it adds so much to the dress and is also inexpensive to make. Go for colors like shocking pink and silver metallic, which will make your dress look different every time.

2. Wear gloves. I love a long, sheer lace glove with a plain black dress. Don't worry if you have small hands. Look on eBay Fashion for vintage ones from the Victorian Era -- I just bought some myself for a steal.

3. Wear a hat with a net veil or even just pin a piece of net in your hair that falls across your eyes. So Dietrich and so glamorous.

4. Put some sparkle in your hair. Wire or paste a rhinestone brooch or a lone earring onto a metal comb and wear to one side, holding your hair back à la Veronica Lake. I've done this on several of my clients, and it always makes the outfit.

5. Add a bright or lacy slip poking out from beneath the hem. Even if the dress is strapless, it's fun to see the bright straps. I learned this from Jean Paul Gaultier -- he's the master of making classic glamour new and unexpected.

Estee Stanley's LBD tips:

1. Bring in color. Sometimes a pop of color is the best way to take an LBD to the next level. Chloé's Spring 2011 gold beaded evening bag is a great way to add a splash.

2. Let it shine. Not only are diamonds a girl's best friend, but sparkle is too! A statement piece by Tiffany & Co. can add "va-va-voom!" to any style of LBD. Try the Jean Schlumberger diamond stitches bracelet.

3. Look to leather. A classic leather jacket with edgy detail is a great way to reinvent your New Year's look; the Row's Shelling leather jacket can add some street style to your LBD.

4. Cinch it. A great belt can give an LBD a new shape -- the Azzedine Alaïa leopard-print calf-hair belt is a great way to liven up the simplest of looks.

5. Wear white. Try white shoes for a contrast. A classic pair of Chanel black-and-white shoes or a daring pair of Alaïa laser-cut calf-hair platform pumps should do the trick.

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