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By myla
My favorite city so far would have to be San Diego California because I like the harbor watching the cruise ships and eating at the seafood restaurants and listening to the live music at the outdoor concerts, not to mention the excellent weather out there.
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By djonathan
For me it has to be Bangkok. There is so much to do there, I haven't visited any city with so many types of entertainment!
By tem.ernst
Favorite city?
That would have to be Madison, Wisconsin, in the United States of America.
I like the marble structures of the capitol, as well as the rich history and culture Wisconsin holds. In Madison, there are many places to see and shops to browse.
I like cows and agriculture (I am an agricultural products advertising agent), and I'm sorry but California doesn't give me such a lovely sloping landscape with beautiful green grass and sunny fields. In the winter, Wisconsin is gorgeous: clean white snow kids just die to stick in the freezer until summer!
I loved shopping in Wisconsin; the cheese curds really ARE squeaky. If you put them in a microwave oven for 7 seconds, they'll melt in your mouth but not on the ceramic plate. :) Perfect.

Sorry if anyone is from California, no offense meant. I am sure it is great without a change of seasons, but I am sticking to my agency on this one.

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