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I would like to say that case study are very helpful in many ways for creating business strategies. Case study provides a broad overview of infra-structure of an organization.cases studies from different industries and organization are presiously very helpful for development of different business strategies .Collection of different ideas from different sources like market information leads an organization towards superb strategies and also towards success of an organization. Creative business stategies basically depands on the ability of a businessmen. I would like to say that a businessmen should not deny even a little profit for his organization. Let us take an example of a group of managers in the strategy division of a large german bank. how do they get inspired to develop innovative business strategies. The case study enables the manager towards three possibilities. Which are as follows.

(1)Intra-industry benchmarking (within own culture)
(2)Intra-industry benchmarking (across culture)
(3)Cross-industry inspiration

Intra-industry benchmarking (within own culture): The above- mentioned bank managers can first benchmark other banks in Germany. This might provide them with either the comforting felling that the competition is lagging behind or the felling that there are some relatively minor adjustments to be made. In any case, the closed-in prespective of looking within an industry in one’s own culture is often unlikely to provide the creative ideas that would give the bank a lasting source of competitive advantage.
 Intra-industry benchmarking (across cultures): The potential for relevant new insights increases as bank’s managers start looking outside their own business culture. For example, thay may focus on countries with an established ‘e-habit’, i.e. having a large portion of population frequently using the internet for a wider variety of activities than in Germany. Finland, where e-banking has been the costumry over the past two decades and where customers are now heavily using mobile banking, represents an interesting case. The German managers could focus on this country to scout out the recent development, which will most likely also take place in Germany in the not-so-distant future. Studying finish banks, such as Nordea, which is at the cutting edge of electronic and mobile banking, would thus offer an interesting benchmark to analyze in more detail.
 Cross-industry inspiration: A far more innovative and ground-breaking, albeit more challenging,source of new ideas is to look across different industries and think about how their way of conducting e-business could be transferred to one’s own industry. A bank might ask: ‘what can we learn from the way Ducati sells some its motorcycle products exclusively online, or from how 12Snap manages its one-to-one mobile marketing operations?’ Building bridges requires creative leaps; that is ultimately the source of competitive advantage, since there are only a few companies willing and able to make such leaps.

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