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New Sonic Movie...

PostPosted:Sat Mar 11, 2006 8:21 pm
by 'The One'
This is just an idea for a new movie I came up with quite a long time ago.

Who else thinks there should be a new Sonic The Hedgehog movie, but without the cheesy, corny stuff from in the cartoons and without the annoyingly cringworthy Sonic stuff (which includes most of the new, modern Sonic stuff)? The movie could be like a dark comic, but based on the story and look of the games (with the same robots and stuff). It could be like the UK comics which had Robotnik as originally being a good guy called 'Dr. Kintobor' before he had the accident with the 'Chaos Emeralds' in his lab which turned him into 'Dr.Robotnik' (Kintobor backwards, which could be shown as being changed on the doctor's name tag after the accident).

There could be explanations in the film such as the rings (the reason they are the way they are could be because they were results of the accident and that they were affected by radiation). Sonic could be originally brown with thinner spikes and then blue with thick spikes because he had an accident in Kintobor's lab when the doctor asked Sonic to try on his new experiment, the 'Super Sneakers' (Sonic's red and white shoes). After reaching the speed of sound, the machine he was testing the shoes on blew up because of the intense speed. Sonic, appearing from the rubble, of course, would appear blue. There could also be explanations of the Chaos Emeralds themselves and everyhting else in Sonic's world which isn't in ours.

The Chaos Emeralds hold extreme power which is unstable if they are close together. Kintobor has the emeralds contained in a machine which can be seen through a panel of glass. After Sonic's accident, there is then an accident where Kintobor trips over a wire and the machine reacts, blowing up, sending the chaos emeralds back to the 'Special Zone(s)' (like in the first Sonic games).

The movie could have a serious, 'dark-comic' atmosphere mixed with the light, bright levels (environments) from the original, first Sonic games, to give a sense of irony to the film. It could look like the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' comics.

Since this would all be based on the original games, it could be based mainly on Sonic and there wouldn't be any other characters (except maybe the introduction of 'Tails' near the end). The other characters could come later. Having only Sonic would give a sense that he is a loner, and his friends are the animals he saves (the Emerald Hill folk), although he could only see them briefly as he's running through the 'Emerald Hill Zone' (or whatever the name of the first zone in the first Sonic game is).

The story could have a lot of narrative and could delve more into Sonic's mind, showing him to think a lot about his past, present and future, and what he feels is morally right and wrong. He could question lots of things about the world he lives in and about himself, etc. (A bit like 'Shadow The Hedgehog') and the whole story could be presented as if he has a diary in his head (i.e. At a point where he's running for a while, he could be saying in his head, "Day 1...", "Day 2...", as he's progressing through the story. The movie could imply and teach many morals and messages, implied at symbolic moments throughout, aided by the dialogue (which Sonic would mostly be speaking). The dialogue could be fairly mature since Sonic, in his first days, was about 15 or 16 years old, although in this movie, he could be a brave teenager who's willing to risk his life rather than focussing on himself. He could be pensieve and think a lot, more than he is shown to think in the past. Of course, if Sonic is 18 in this, he could be more mature.

The film that was made before called 'Sonic the Hedgehog' which was an 'animé', was to be honest, a generally terrible film, in my opinion (and quite an insult to the games and Sonic himself to be perfectly honest). It was one of the worst film's I have ever seen and I think someone could do a much better film of Sonic.

Maybe Walt Disney or some other company in Hollywood like Pixar/Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Marvel, DC Comics, Lucas Film Ltd., Regency, Universal, Paramount, New Line Cinema, Miramax, Colombia Tristar, ANYONE!...Please can they make a better film than the previous one!

They could get the makers of 'Dragonball Z', 'Sky Blue', or 'Akira' to make it but I don't know what these three are like because I haven't seen them and haven't seen many animés, but as long as the Sonic film's not like the previous one. It can be done either using CGI (Computer animated) or in 'neo-animé' style (new-animé), but only if it's a SERIOUSLY good movie!

There's way more I could add to this but I'm going to stop here.

What do you think? Does anyone agree with me that someone should make a new Sonic film, like this one?... :-? :-) ;-) B-) ;-D :-D

PostPosted:Mon Mar 13, 2006 5:47 am
by Rishi
Almost all of it over my head as I do not see movies or watch TV much. Stiil with the amount of detailing done in your posting may be you should have a shot at making a prototype (Trailer?) your self.


PostPosted:Tue Mar 21, 2006 11:15 pm
by 'The One'
Cheers mate, it's always good to hear a bit of positive feedback, even if the person giving feedback doesn't entirely understand the subject. Cheers.


PostPosted:Fri May 04, 2007 2:20 pm
by 'The One'
Also, there could be a bit in the movie where people/mammals or someone says that they believe Sonic is their new Messiah because he has green eyes and brown spikes - This bit could be before he gets his spikes blue in the running machine and before he gets his new red and white trainers (sneakers), and before 'Dr Kintobor' gets twisted in the explosion making his name spell backwards (to make him 'Dr Robotnik')

- Apparently, it says somewhere in the bible that the messiah (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) had green eyes and brown hair. Oh, by the way, as if by coincidence, I have brown hair and green eyes, but so do alot of people...Lol. B-) :-? ;-D :-)