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Hacked satellites

PostPosted:Mon Mar 20, 2006 4:13 am
by cansouth
A private person has hacked at least one satellite, and sends out illegal beams (signals) over a large part of the world. The beams make people behave physical different than normal. The illegal satellite beams may have started around 6. of June 2005.

There are at least three visible effects of the illegal beams:

I. One effect from these satellite beams is that people blink more with their eyes than before. The blinking increase could be on around 15-20 percent.

II. People use their hands more to touch their faces, cheeks, chins, mouths and their heads in general. Here are some examples of hand movements which have increased in frequency:





These kinds of hand movements are not necessarily unnatural, but they appear more often now, because of the illegal satellite beams.

It seems to be that people who relax physically, for example Saddam Hussein and the other accused in the Baghdad trial, react more visibly on the satellite beams which lead to more hand movements to the face.

Also for example politicians which sit in parliaments and listen to speeches, seem to react more visibly on the beams which increase the frequency of these mentioned hand movements.

III. People move more staccato then normal. Peoples movements are not so soft as normal.

If you observe the increase in the mentioned hand movements, the increase of the eye-blinking or the unnatural staccato movement , you can report it to:

The Spanish government

The Norwegian government


These authorities have knowledge about the allegation of hacked satellites, but they do not take it serious.

It was probably the satellite hacker who made president George W. Bush write this note the 14. of September 2005:

Image, ... 96,00.html ... 115556.ece

Note that it happened after 6. of June 2005 when the illegal satellite beams may have started.

The note President Bush wrote, was written the 14. of September 2005, a few days after 11. september. He wrote it in United Nations during a Security Council meeting in New York. In the same organisation where Colin Powell argued for going to war against Iraq. Maybe the hacker chose that council meeting to make an anniversary memorial of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, wars which were started with the 11. september 2001 terror as one of the official reasons.


Links about the Bush note: ... ents/3585/
If these pictures weren't posted on Yahoo! News, I would find it very hard to believe them to be real. But there they are, credited to Reuters photographer Rick Wilking, and accompanied by this caption:
I saw this link posted on a website, and I was wondering how authentic it is (for the world's sake, I hope it's fake).

This forum post was written five days before Bush wrote the note: ... gi.60.html

Sep 9, 2005
The hacker can control decisions which is going to be made by the worlds leaders and the leaders of secret service organisations.

Here is a quote from another forum post which was also written on Friday 9. of September 2005: ... genumber=1
The hacker who makes people blink more then normal, probably has plans to make Bush, Rumsfeld and Myers tell the truth about 11. september 2001, and the war in Iraq. Maybe they will tell the truth on Sunday.

The mentioned Sunday was 11. September 2005, the anniversary date of the terror 11. September 2001. Nothing special happened on 11. September 2005, after what I know. So this prediction was not exact. But three days later, on Wednesday 14. September 2005, in the United Nations Security Council, president Bush wrote the already mentioned bathroom-note.

There are more information on this website: