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The World Reform

PostPosted:Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:17 pm
by scottraine123
I believe there are some problems in the world with which you might agree or disagree - i believe in free speech. There are important things we need to change:

1. As you may have noticed, we are running out of fossil fuels. Answer: Some plants produce oils, e.g. rapeseed and sunflower. Well, if we switch from fossil fuels, e.g. petrol, to flower oils we will be cutting the carbon emmisions by a dramatic percentage. The seeds/plants can be grown in desolate countries with wide open space, e.g. in Russia & Africa.

2. The world-terrorism/poverty/drugs
Answer: I believe we should put our differences behind us and focus on the future. There should be a commitee formed by the nations of the world, UNE (United Nations of Earth), which combats the main issues in the world, e.g. the concern about global warming, terrorism, poverty and drugs.

3. Split societies
Answer: Why are people americans, iraninas, brits? Yes, we like our own independance but if we where overall classified as 'earothicans', then there wouldn't be a problem.

4. Religion
Religion its a nice ralaxing pastime. The problem with religion is that its caused pain and suffering. Wars are caused by two things: either greed - were they want land or to enslave people; and also religion is another reason for wars, conflicts and deaths. Well, terrorism has targeted christianity by muslims. World War II with hitler had caused the death of over a million jews. So is religion the cause of terror and war.

Reward: To be honest nothing. For a better world.