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No one is a set way.

PostPosted:Sat Jun 23, 2007 8:58 pm
by 'The One'
Isn't it true that no one is a set way. I get sick of hearing when people say "it's just the way they are", because sure, people have certain personality traits and like to stick to them because they are used to them, but also, we can lose traits and gain new ones. Some are 'built in' to us which means that it is false that "everybody is the same" because sure, we're all human and everything we do links to what we love, but also, there are, in a sense, different 'species' of human, because we all come from different countries and may have a slightly different colour in skin. Of course, we shouldn't hate each other for being different from each other, because that would be prejudice and racism, etc...
...and we also shouldn't say things like "It's just the way they are" and "They will never change", because it just depends on what stage you are in life and what age you are, because we all go through stages, phases, different 'self-experiments' and other experiments to be able to have more control and/or more freedom in our life...In other words, anything possible to survive and live another day, because we know that there is still a chance to lead an enjoyable life and have more happy and memorable moments to never forget.

It is true though that some things never change, but people themselves have many chances in their life to change their ways, and this, I think, is what powerful figures and well-known icons usually forget, unless I am mistaken and that this is what the general public forget...Hmmm...

I can be a bit like the singer, 'Meat Loaf', sometimes...because I seem to contradict myself after what I've just said, like how he does in some of his songs:
"I would do anything for love...but I won't do that." - Taken from the song "I Would Do Anything for love".
I suppose that although contradicting yourself doesn't SEEM right to do, it actuallly helps because it gives other people more to think about, AND it is funny too when someone contradicts themself, because it is like they haven't realised that they have at all! it is a positive thing (most times, unless you say something seriously wrong! lol)

This shows though, that contradicting yourself is a good thing and for it to be totally good, it is best that people should never be so concerned about what particular words they say to people, because it is HOW you say things that is most important, and unfortunately, we live in a world now where there is one side of people who believe it is about the WORDS you say more than HOW you say them. If you're going to concentrate on the words, contradiction is not good, but if you're going to concentrate on how you say the words, contradiction CAN be good, because enjoying taking the mick out of yourself is the sign of a good personality trait, even though it is not good, like most things, to do this too much or too little.