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Mosques are to worship One God and make peace.

PostPosted:Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:42 pm
The purpose of every mosque is that people gather in it to worship One God. To thank God for a mosque is made, it is needed to populate it for five daily prayers with high standards of worship.

Regardless of wordly positions, people stand together as one entity in one place, humbly in presence of Allah to worship Him. It increases the grace of His blessings more than before. Hence, reward of offering a prayer in mosque is twenty seven times greater, according to a hadith.

It is very important to purify one’s thoughts to draw benefits from salat / prayer. Point is explained by the blessed promised messiah ( as : Salat during which the heart is wandering somewhere, thoughts are elsewhere and the mouth is uttering something else is a curse. It is thrown back and is not accepted…..Only that salat is real which gives pleasure. Such a salat is a source of generating hatred for sin. This is very salat about which it is said that it is the zenith of a believer and is a source of progression for a believer.

While in a mosque, no wordly matters are discussed. When one go there only to seek God’s pleasure, no bad thought can stay.

Thus the benefit of making mosque is only when mosques are made with pure intention and one go there with pure heart. It is a sad observation that in some of them, abusive language is used for other religious sects. And sometimes two groups create restlessness there and government authorities have to intervene.

Only making a good looking mosque is not enough. Worshippers are needed who has beautiful hearts and pure intentions, who spread love and affection, and who turn to Allah with sincerity. To bring human close to God and to promote love and brotherhood is the purpose of promised reformer.

The person dear to God is the one who progresses in righteousness. God has taught to attain righteousness through observance of salat / prayer and honoring His other rights and His creation’s rights.

Re: Mosques are to worship One God and make peace.

PostPosted:Thu May 15, 2008 3:02 pm
by swimmer
I am not a muslim but Mosques serve the same purpose as churches ...

But the main problem that is facing all religions is that a huge number of people that go for praying are sinners and never redeemers ...

Re: Mosques are to worship One God and make peace.

PostPosted:Sat May 17, 2008 3:46 am
by real_talent
I agree with both of you.
Mosques are like churches.
I hope in the future their will be peace in the world.

Re: Mosques are to worship One God and make peace.

PostPosted:Fri Mar 20, 2009 6:03 am
by troyblando
Religion should never and was never meant to be so restrictive. "DO UNTO OTHERS AND JUDGE THEM SO" To assume that GOD thinks so little of us as to assume there are no differences is beneath all religion. If god is what we all believe and, is all knowing he must understand cultural differnces due to years of indoctrination. Churches, Synagogues.... if you are concerned about who and where it came from you missed the point to begin with! My grandfather said," take care of your neighbor then your block then your state then your country then rest falls in place" Live Love and always remember LET LIVE!!!