Have a brilliant theory that the world isn't ready for yet? Here's the place to strand it. Of course, your theory needs to be airtight.
By JestBlaze
1. A rocket to Venus filled with Oxygen could ignite the planet and become the worst disaster in the scope of the solar system, dare I say universe.
2. Bionanotechnologies will one day create artificial cells the will replace the pharmaceutical system to an extent.
3. With fission the Earth loses mass and the moon may lose orbit, or with Fusion the mass of the Earth increases and the gravityational field may extend the atmosphere and stretching the ozone layer over a larger circumference.
4. The world will become overpopulated to the extent that space travel will become a necessity for comfortable living.
5. The Earth will unify and stop violent acts as people find that education only costs time and dedication to a specialty.
I hope we live until, during, and through these times.
It only gets better as time toks by.
By Elliwesis
While your theories may be interesting, we can actually cram people into a denser area and still be comfortable. Look up on YouTube "what if everyone lived in one city" the video is old but discusses how if we built a city made for the current population density of New Orleans (in Louisiana, USA) the you could fit 7.4 billion people (the population at the time) in a city made the size of the full United States. New Orleans has a pretty comfortable population density too, so despite the cost and time of construction we could very well fit SO MANY more people on earth.

The question then becomes wheither its cheaper to move to space then to build a city around the world.

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