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By AaronBurns
35 Million years ago an alien society who's Solar system was failing took off in an outerspace made, self-contained, fully functional, with recycling energy source engines, landed on Earth and took Apes, the most advanced animal, and altered their DNA as advanced as they could then, placed them on Earth. Then took off for the next closest livable Planet in hopes that they could start a different, livable, life sustaining and advancing society their too. So, they will be back to collect their advances as well.
They were here when the People thought Atlantis was a contentant but, that was their Biosphere level open to, what is now Africa. That is why there is no lost city now.
But, those so called space crafts that people film are the usual fake or atmospheric event. The UFO's that we need to know about came from what is at Area 51.
What is there is part of an asteroid made up of a metal that fits near Aluminum on the Elemental chart. It is lighter than Aluminum and very magnetic and the Bermuda Triangle is the majority of that asteroid buried deep under the Ocean and probably the Asteroid that killed the Dinosaurs. Asteroids fall for several days implanting burning, smaller, pieces in the Ocean and ground, brought up by electrical storms and caught in the Earth's magnetic fields sticking to Iron deposits on the ground then lifting off and burning up at high speed in the atmosphere. Reacting strangely over water. There are also unknown holes in the Ocean floor, unexplainable, and probably, they were made by the special Asteroid metal.
So, we are made by a scientifically advanced society which, will come back to live or collect our newest science break throughs. Maybe they are waiting for us to finish and possibly had something to do with Christ and the Angels were actually Aliens. I wish they would get here and give us our new bodies so no one else would die since death is an unacceptable part of life.
Aliens gave us all good religions for the preservation of society. They have a big investment in us but, they let us die for 35 Million years so, they must have some way of collecting our souls, if you believe in souls, or they are very immoral and could put us into instinct and take our Planet for themselves. Who ever said an Alien had morals? Maybe they lied to us. Religion or not, they have not proven to be adaquate leaders of a society made by them. We should lodge a complaint.
Anyway, we should mine the Burmuda Triangle before the communists do.
They might be under plate techtonic areas in the South Pole, where Atlantis is said to have gone, so, maybe the Aliens never left. That way, they can watch the X-Files get to the real story 30 years before it reaches the other Planets.
Everyone likes to stay current and up to date.
Also, we can map the floor of the Ocean but we haven't got the technology to go very deep under the Ocean due to the pressure at deep depths. So, we can't find the hidden Alien ship.
They might be able to grow new bodies for us and just maybe, they have some kind of Ghost Buster technology. Who's too say they aren't a few million years old? Talk about Old Folk Homes. We have plenty of jokes for Aliens at that age. Maybe we are placed in new bodies that never die, making parts of the Bible an Alien Truth. Maybe the Bible was written by Aliens and who's to say if channelors of spirits aren't communicating with the mother ship.
It is also very possible that all of ancient culture on different continents where each making a partial map of a time when the supreme beings would come back. When you calculate all formulas of the ancient anomolies you get the answers. Such as Stone Henge, Aztec Temples, Egyption Pyrimids, the Andes and the many designs by there culture and others to be seen from the air and there was no way to fly or see the entire structure or design from the ground. A grand formula for their arrival. Possibly a mathmatical code as seen in religious text since we have seen a Star born and Alien sightings around the birth place of Jesus Christ whom may have been instructed under influence (HYpnosis or some thing) to bring their message so, we better fallow it or else! Ha!
Jesus may also have not only been educated by the finest and greatest minds of the times but he may have been a savant giving his double hemisphere intellect powers over others in intellect never before seen on Earth.
Not an Idiot Savant but a normal person posessing all savant qualities making him the most intelligent non alien on the planet.
But savants lack basic understanding which lies in the full bodyment of a standard person and therefore was seen as a perfect person having no standard seeable mistakes in his thinking or thought processes how ever divine.

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By 'The One'
My respects to you, I have had the same kind of idea. All of what you have said is the perfect explanation. It all makes sense! More people should know about this and consider it seriously.
By einstein#2
:-# that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. alien didn't creat us and they are certanly not angels. and if they do exist they are probably never coming remotly near earth
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By AaronBurns
You're absolutely right... Why come here when they can go to another populated planet?
You could pass some of your own theory past Stephen Hawkens and we will see who he believes.
Or past the Pope and he would say the same thing as you about my essay and I would love to hear it.
Just saying we can't all count on some one elses ideas on an after life.
Just take this in good nature since I hope you're absolutely right after all.
That's why I wrote another essay in The Mad Scientist area on death.
We just don't know.
With all the crazy Religions out there I hope that some day we prove one is right.
I just provide alternatives in between believing or not believing.
I don't actually believe in Aliens or not I was speculating on a maybe.
Personally I am a hopeful Agnostic which is a person of religion not involved strictly in one or another religion.
I was putting some higher scientific theories of thought from some other scientists and giving them a new spin.
You can't totally discount the theory.
It can't be proven right or wrong and that's why it's in Shipwrecked Theories.
Please write yours here and I will back you up with evidence and never be mean too you.
I was looking for some one exactly like you who could write the obvious or any facts that are completely different, but on the same subject and present your theory on life.
Basically there is no provable Darwin, no provable reliogion and no proven Alien theory.
So, I ask for yet another option besides this... perhaps a genetic problem with apes... I don't know so, that's why I was writing.
Please write back.
;-D ;-D ;-D
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By swimmer
creation , conscience and life is an never ending thing .

if u say GOD created us , whatever god's definition is .

who creatded GOD . what gave good his powers .

if aliens created us and gave us some brain , who created them and gave them some brain .

some thing are better left to ignorance . just focus on the life u are living now and have as much fun as u can in it . dont spend ur life thinking about things u cant have an answer for .
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By AaronBurns
I beleive there was a beggining and it was not Aliens but, a greater power and I also agree with you since there will never be an end since the end of an end is a brand new beginning.
I just don't want to loose those we have had, currently are and in the future of this planet to ever forget one another so, hope goes on where Faith gives up and we are forced to look for options.
If we at Macro Astro Physics we find that all of the universe will eventually, literally, be sucked into a giant, combined, black hole and since the only thing escaping from it is radiation energy then a great compression of mass density will explode and a livable planet will form and some power from the beginning of time will place you and I back together again.
However, let us not rule out God's true society that may have placed us here, if you know what I mean.
Alien's or God's first Children... You decide.
By 'The One'
I believe that it is most likely NOT POSSIBLE to EVER understand where we all came from, because No animal seems like it was built to be able to figure this out. We are only built to reflect on our surroundings and survive. And even all of the ideas in the world that we already know are similar to the world we live in because they ARE in the world we live in, I mean, can you possibly imagine something outside of matter, outside of SPACE?!...It's impossible, it doesn't exist in our minds, we can imagine a WORD to describe it, another 'dimension' for example, but can you actually think of how it would look or FEEL, a place where there are colours that don't 'exist' (possibly something to do with 'Dark Matter' as it is known), shapes that don't 'exist', etc...? Even through something like a black hole, you wouldn't know. All you wouyld probably find is like, the whole of this world inverted or something, like the same world going or coming back the opposite way to us, in every way; time, opposite colours, light and dark swapped around, movement of everything, etc. But even then...it goes on and on...and we can only relate things to our knowledge and our own bodies and minds in the end...Even what's behind the idea of God is a mystery...and whether there is an origin of everything and everyone.

There is even a theory that time itself doesn't really exist, not as anything physical or moving, but that the universe is just a still bubble in which loads of things can move around and react with each each other (planets, other matter, etc.) but that it's all in slow-mo and to us we are moving normally and the planets are slow when it could be that since we're so small in comparison to the planet(s), we don't don't notice the real speed of the planets' movement, and in reality we are all moving incredibly fast.

I mean, clock hands only move because their are gears and mechanisms inside them which make them move around. Sundials move because they are built follow the Sun's movement itself though, which is more genuine really, but even then, the sundial could be put in a different position, which would alter the time on it.

Like animals after all these years, we are still only able to make the most with what we have...and we cannot possibly think of what the answers really are to our questions about God, etc. In fact the only time we will ever probably know is right at the end of the life of the universe itself...a long time to wait really. Also, I mean, do you really want to know the secrets behind the universe, and spoil the mystery, know everything and be bored for the rest of time?... A part of the meaning of life is that we don't know ALL of the secrets, but just a few really, in fact, the only main reason for every animal in the beginning was to survive and reproduce so that more people can experience life...but yes, if more living creatures are constantly being produced, there must be something we are all evolving and developing for, and working towards.

If you think about it, there are limits in the world, but then you can still have fun, so it's a kind of prison for our soul, and yet, not entirely a prison, (although it probably was in harsh time years and years ago). Maybe in life, we should think how animals think. Perhaps animals do't think of things like death as being that bad, because they're used to being wild and accepting what they suffer with. When an animal is eaten by another, that animal digests it and it becomes useful for plant fertiliser, so it's all a big game keep you and you and your planet going really...One day it might be you and your UNIVERSE going, (if there are other universes, who knows...

I believe everyone should be random as they like, but not nasty to other people if they can help it, and only if they WANT to be, so let's just live and be random! ;-D :-)
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By AaronBurns
I would like to find a way to spend that third of our life when we sleep and be useful.
Do we even exist without consciousness even in sleep?
We have all had dreamless nights where we can't seem to sleep and the next thing you know it is 9 hours later and we are awake with no knowledge of any between time. We might as well have been dead for 9 hours.
Since our universe is shaped like a burrito cramed into a taco shell shape then there is some thing unequal about it like the equal pressures of space itself which makes all planets and suns round in shape.
Maybe the answer doesn't really matter what is happening in our Universe but, in the ability to cross millions of other Universes through the ones shaping our Universe.
Since statistically speaking there is no end to space, the concept, then maybe the real answer is a glitch in the fabric between Universes and crossing into another so some one can reach us.
There are countless super advanced societies that have attained every goal acedemically and religiously but, can not travel into our Universe, through the connecting fabric between, to save us from ourselves and impending doom. (Starting to sound like Al Gore).
Let's examine Macro Astro Physics again only this time let's look at the middle section between Universes. That might be where our answers and problems are.
I have not heard anyone tell me what the stopping edges of our Universe is made of. Certainly not moving space since moving space jumps any particle from it's starting point directly to the other side of the ripple or wave of space defying time itself and we could see that...so, let's see what it is and create a device that mimics it's make up and send space messages with that fabric design in mind and ask them why they can't find us?
I also wanted to say some thing profound as you did and say that we really don't know what we know even when we are sure we know what we know since it will not always be. ;-D
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By swimmer
the thing about such subjects is that u think u know until u discover that no u know not !

so its a cycle of
know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! know ! no ! ..............................
By Jras
Of course UFOs are real. Unidentified Flying Objects. I could throw a Frisbee, people might see it but not be able to determine what it was, hence an Unidentified flying object. BTW thousands of ships, planes etc. travel through the Bermuda triangle with no issues at all.
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By swimmer
[quote="Jras"]Of course UFOs are real. Unidentified Flying Objects. I could throw a Frisbee, people might see it but not be able to determine what it was, hence an Unidentified flying object. BTW thousands of ships, planes etc. travel through the Bermuda triangle with no issues at all.[/quote]

You know what the guys mean by UFO . Its not the technical meaning :P

By the way Bermuda problem is just Methane gas coming from the sea bottom making the water less dense and the ships less boyant.

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