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By Desperaux
I have an interesting idea: Nobody knows what dark "materie" is (I didn´t know how to write this in English, so I wrote it in
German. ;-) ), so what is if it is the spectrum of light? Einstein said that it is wave and particle. Why shouldn´t these photons are the dark materie? :-?
By The_Wise
The "Dark Matter" you speak of is term to describe the group of matter which holds the universe 'together'. Scientist are not entirely sure of what dark matter is; whether they are black holes, particles or whether they are combination of both. It's simply 'dark' because we don't what is holding all of this together, whether or not it is actually dark is not known (aside from a black hole, which absorbs light). [simply put]
By 'The One'
They should make a film about it. If you study it, you will find that there's so much cool stuff and potential for film ideas, game ideas and other stuff. The film/game could be called 'DARK MATTER'.
By 'The One'
Also, it could have the DARKEST plot and storyline in a sci-fi movie ever made. Thinki about it, it sounds awesome...
By Zidane
I believe that this movie would be great only if they don't exaggerate too much. What I mean is that most movies that are based on theories may sell good but will deliver the wrong meaning. If this movie exaggerates too much, this could throw people for a loop and make them scared and more curious than they need to be for answers.
By 'The One'
Very true, the movie would have to be done by the dirctor who would deliver more meaning than just pure action, like how too many movies these days fall into that same trap.

Again, true, it musn't be exaggerated, because also people get too much of advertising thrown in their faces these days, not only from movies, but from most things which advertise.
By 'The One'
I've learned how to see some Dark Matter...
By 'The One'
...This is one thoery/piece of knowledge I have of it. It is to do with being in the dark quite alot, being able to breathe/hold your breathe underwter for a long time, and being able to be dormant and hold your eyes open underwter without having to blink...like a shark.

The shark experts say that sharks use a magnetic force to track their prey (as well as the smell and taste of blood) and they can follow this magnetic force, hence they are probably constantly using their 'third eye' because their eyes go either completely black or completely white.

People can learn to eventually look like and feel like different types of animals. Of course, a lot can feel wrong about this, and probably quite absurd, but humans seem to have the ability to relate to other animals, and can use imagination to think of how it could be to be another animal. It is probably because our body energy and matter, was that of other animals in the past before we became humans, or maybe we are humans first and will become different animals after our human lives have ended. Maybe one day animals will become intelligent and grow to be humanoid types like in the various 'Star' series programmes that exist, and we humans will probably go back to being simple primates again! Who knows...

About Dark Matter though. Around a shining light, if you have been in the water, and if it's at night, you will notice that you can see a circle of light more clearly around it, like a miniature shockwave. Maybe there is some kind of experiment you could do to see more invisible matter in the same or a similar way to seeing 'light matter', and maybe learn to be able control it and move it around or something.
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By Smart1Iam
Find and read a book called Occult Chemistry. It is fascinating and could explain dark matter.

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