Have a brilliant theory that the world isn't ready for yet? Here's the place to strand it. Of course, your theory needs to be airtight.
By iamthephoenix
the big bang is the result of an uber black hole reaching critical mass and exploding. black holes are the recycling posts of the universe mass-> energy which is dispersed throughout the universe and back to mass. periodically it starts over completely. i.e. 1x10 to the 100000 years or some other equally obtuse number.

energy does not actually travel it is passed from one particle to the next. because of their regular dispersion, they appears to travel in waves as the react in regular patterns. this is why electricity is passed readily through electron dense matter i.e. metal. when a generator is excited by an exciter coil it enhances this phenom.

furthermore, if one is to explain the origin of the universe one has to explain how something comes from nothing. where does the original mass, energy, God come from. what is the manifest force and where does it come from. it is impossible do derive anything from zero.
By Jras
According to the Bible God was always there. He always existed. He never began and will never end. which means life and everything is a paradox. now i am seriously confusing myself. I believe God created the big bang. I believe God is the Big Bang. I believe God is Everything. So technically according to me The Universe was created by the big band that always existed. Which makes no sense so religion was created to help make sense of the incomprehensible which also makes no sense as you can't understand something you can't understand. So therefore I am a paranoid schizophrenic rhinoceros. The end.

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