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By cdplayer
All of our physical images of supposed Aliens are derived from references to shapes, colors, textures, etc. that we have seen or sensed and are aware of. Try describing what your most abstract version of an Alien to a friend and you inevitably have to compare it to something man/earth based. Say it is a mist that floats and makes high frequency noises. The mist, flying, sound, are all built upon what humans have come to understand about scientific laws and have perceived to this date.
What I am trying to get at is that if Aliens were truly alien, then they most likely would use and be composed of elements, physics, and physical attributes (if any) that we either have had no historical and scientific knowledge/experience of or are completely incapable of perceiving (directly or through technology).

So, really, Aliens could be amongst us everyday but we have no way of sensing or detecting them. The situation could be the same for them towards us. They can't perceive us and we all exist together without ever knowing.

P.S. Maybe ghosts are their efforts to create images that we can recognize in order to communicate.

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