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By joeylynnek
ON New Year's Eve I saw a program that took energy from stationary bikes and used it to power the ball drop in Times Square. What is someone used that same concept to power a gym? This could be used on treadmills, spin cycles, stationary bikes, row machines, and eliptical machines. It would be nice to have the device built into the equipment but people will not be willing to purchase new equipment up front, so it would need to be some type of enhancement that could be added to an existing machine until they could afford new equipment. The floors on most gyms are rubber if they needed to be grounded to something. I am not a product designer so couldn't suggest what it should look like or where to be placed on the equipment, but thought it would be wonderful for gyms to be able to create their own power or depending on were they are located, power for other area's. Gyms are located everywhere, in workplaces, free-standing buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, and regular/strip malls. How great would that be to save money and be green.

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By dmiranda91
Maybe you are right some people they don't like expensive gym equipment. I guess some people to, they want an expensive equipment to sure the quality of their buying an item like that.
By troblodite
wow ... i had a very similar (i should say nearly the same) idea that i posted here just today , though i enhanced it a bit ... if it gets approved check it out (:i hope:).
By aarenlainey
Yes its true that some people believe in spending on expensive equipments just to satisfy themselves that they are using good quality. The Green Gym is a very generous name for what was constructed, it is very basic with only your essential equipment including the bikes. The Green Gym was created as part of their Green Initiatives. The Green Gym will help out the health of the staff, residents and volunteers.
By Peatar005
A Portland, Oregon gym is blazing a new trail in renewable energy, and it's human powered! The Green Microgym, set to open this Friday, is said to be the first fitness center in the country to use the energy from exercise equipment, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Although the idea isn't brand new, Adam Boesel's Microgym is being touted as the first example to have human-power intimately tied to its operations and business model. In the gym's Human Dynamo prototype, four spin bikes attach to a small generator, which includes a digital readout. The system can reportedly produce 200 watts to 600 watts of energy an hour.

Boesel expects the 3,000-square foot gym to use about half the energy of most gyms, which are known to be power hogs. Eventually, he hopes to be energy self sufficient.

The Microgym will also include roof-top solar panels and cork and recycled rubber floors.

While some critics may argue that human pedal power isn't likely to replace large amounts of fossil fuels anytime soon, the technology surely can't hurt. It's possible that the psychological benefits could be substantial, particularly in getting people to think more about conservation (as they see how much effort it takes to generate a Watt), and to spur invention and investment in other alternative ventures.

It's going to take a lot of effort to break our addiction to fossil fuels, and every little bit will help (particularly if the idea catches on across more gyms). So start working up that sweat!

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By arje06
Yeah I agree with you guys, it was really now giving us a fantastic fitness equipments. I really want to be a member of that gym like my friends. But I have no enough time, i am only having my solo exercise.
By michealkaan
Would be cool to apply this concept to your home gym and lower your electric bill. Its great that it has become reality. I agree with you guys, it was really now giving us a fantastic fitness equipments. I really want to be a member of that gym like my friends. But I have no enough time, i am only having my solo exercise.

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