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Cheap garments and footwear often wear out very quickly, so the savings made by consumers are illusory - they soon need to be replaced.

Can we develop scientifically based measurements of the durability of garments and footwear, and include this information on labels? Then when shopping we can compare the durability of these items as well as the price.

This would also force manufacturers to compete on durability as well as price. In Australia where I live the market has been flooded with cheap garments and footwear, and many companies who may have produced good quality long lasting products have gone out of business. If such firms had a means of competing on durability as well as price, they might retain a greater share of the market and stay in business.
By mtd28student
good idea

It would be similar to what they do in some supermarkets where they tell you how much, for example, rice you get per dollar, so you can work out which item is best value fom the competing brands.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Children grow so fast and adult styles change so often that expensive quality garmets and shoes might not be practical. I'm with you though, I still wear suits and shoes that I bought in the 70's and they are still in excellent condition.

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