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By zyx Rationalist
Chop the side wings of any small plane (with propellor on its nose) to the width of the plane. Place them on the top of the plane from above the nose, stepping down to the tail one after the other. Like a radio antenna, they pop up the plane as the plane speeds up due to the lift on the wings, first wing is the topmost and last is lowest, the plane hangs on these wings. Now take off the propellor on the planes nose and place it in front of these stepped wings and above the nose. Here the high speed air from the propellors passes through the wings, giving them a greater than normal lift.

When the plane lands and slows down, the wings get retracted on the top, also the propellor has to be lowered down. Now the plane will fit in a car garage and it becomes a flying car.

P.S: You can also place the same set of wings on the top of a car or bus. The vehicle will start to get hung on these wings as wind passes through the wings, creating lift, this will reduce its weight and thus increase fuel efficency.

Reward: This flying car.
By Joe Skeptic
Why not reduce the car's weight by removing the wings??
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By Michael D. Grissom
How would you emulate the ailerons?

Also, the 'aspect' ratio of each small wing would be so bad that it would require about five times the original wing surface area to get the same amount of lift.

You sound like you might be very interested in aircraft design. If so, do a google search for the "X-plane" program and read all about it. It's for a MAC but there are others out there that do almost the same thing on a PC. You can design an fly your own airplanes.

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