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By bubbler
First response displays with cameras linked live in a city with high crime rate, tourism, or just go the extra mile.

Very affordable using our own AMERICAN MADE parts & equipment.

-WiFi network, no wires!
-Solar w/ battery, again, no wires!
-Compact or Exclusive sizes, 10"-??
-Instant Safety, safe zone & officer visual
-Lost? 1 button help for directions,maps,,,

The list goes on ... unlimited interconnective potential to bring daily walks to the best environment.

To offset costs of installation i have figured advertising would pay back debt in less than 5 years, which would include WiFi accounts, fees, and other income assumed by the city, this could be the most profitable system EVER. It would make bridges look like stepping stones.
By jodonow
First response displays with cameras linked live
? what does that mean plz, I don't understand.
By bubbler
That basically means that every monitor in a city that displays basic traffic, weather, advertising, and security alerts can also display a live feed from law enforcement for missing persons, wanted felons, etc.

WiFi based communications is a live feed so any smart phone or similar device can also receive live alerts (based on individual settings and availability). This can benefit a crowded and highly populated city in many ways, tornado/weather alerts, fire, school closings, etc. all right in the palm of your hand.

This is a completely new system that can interact with all of my other designs for making the world a better place.

Thank you,


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