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By Davey C
You all know those new trains, they work on the threory of magnetic levitation, and, because there is no friction, go really really fast. There are working prototypes in Germany and Japan. So I say, take that same principal to skyscrapers.

There would be no need for cables, and in an emergency (there would need to be an electric current all the time, there could be backup power in case of power cuts) you could have either a cable, or traditional emergency brakes. They could go real fast, they could even be fitted with chairs with seat belts. Also voice activation would be a nice touch, I just want those cool lifts from star trek!

Reward: To be the pioneer of Mag Lev Lifts!
By AaronAgassi
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By Michael D. Grissom
The currently used cables and motors would be a lot faster and more efficient than Mag Lev. The only reason they dont run as fast as the ones on Star Trek now (even though capable) is because we haven't invented anti-gravity yet and accelerations of that magnitude would be unsafe for some people (older, weak heart/veins, etc.).

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