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By Uihyun Bae
A big problem that can happen in the work place is the lack of time to do anything else. Frankly, no company wants to give their workers more free time; they would rather have them work on projects or maintain the company. But this leads us to a situation where many Korean workers simply have no time to do anything else like exercise or spend time with their family. Out of interest of both sides of the group I suggest an innovative method of solving this problem.

My idea is to use time as currency. I got this idea from a movie called "In Time" where society uses time as a universal currency to purchase goods and services. In the movie, people with massive amounts of time live of hundreds and thousands of years while the less fortunate usually die around 40 due to a lack of time. I think this can be implemented in the work place as a motivation and incentive for the workers to work efficiently.

The system will require a simple balance sheet that records how much free time a person has. This can be electronic or physical but shouldn't matter to much as long as counterfeits can be avoided. The company will simply distribute a set amount of time to all the workers in the company monthly. This will give everyone some time every month to take some time off. However, the catch is that workers can gain or loose time by earning or spending their time. For example, they can sell their time for a slight raise in wages or forefeit some of their wage to buy time. In addition companies can use this as a sort of incentive by rewarding time to workers they deem worthy of the reward.

I am also aware large companies such as Samsung have ID cards they slide through before entering their offices to keep track of time. This can be implemented with my idea (such as keep the amount of time on their ID cards) to produce a system where workers are paid according to their time worked but also allows them to literally spend time doing other things they want or need to do.
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