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By dribbler
I think that Taco Bell delivery would be an outstanding service to all who want the food but do not want to travel to get it. Especially if you have been drinking.

Charge a small delivery fee - $1-$2 and watch the profits go through the roof.
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By Steve
Add Subway, Mc Donalds, Burger King... actually pretty surprising that it's not available. 8-o
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By Michael D. Grissom
This has been successfully available for about 5 years in Raleigh, NC USA You can order from almost any food vendor from this delivery company. They even donate 5% of everything you order to the charity of your choice. Still in business after 5 years -- it must be a great idea! I think it just needs a little expansion to other areas.
By z4roadster
I had the same idea about Dunkin Donuts when I was at work one day. A Donut Delivery service would make millions!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Funny you should say that -- I worked my way through the Boy Scouts delivering hot fresh donuts door-to-door in a 49 Ford panel wagon. I think you're right -- even though I ate about 90% of what I earned! If someone were to invent a highly nutritional donut... my diet would be fixed forever.
By GentleSpiritGuy
But how would you see the rats crawling all over your food! No fun! You'ld get sick without even getting to see the furry little critters! LOL

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