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By Tim Morley
The "NO-SPEEDY CD" device replaces your regular in-car CD player. But the "NO-SPEEDY CD" player is driven by a series of belts, chains and sprockets from the front wheels of your vehicle.

Now go and buy your favourite CDs in various speed formats, and pop in the appropriate format dependant on the speed restrictions youre driving within.

Hey presto, youre in a built up area and you've got your 30mph version of Steps playing. If you start to go too fast, they sound dreadful and you slow down to a more suitable speed.

Reward: A cheese and pickle sandwich. .... and some crisps.
By Guest
one small problem...
Steps will sound awful whatever speed you play them at.
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By Steve
one easy solution...
If you start to go to fast, let them play louder. :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Why not put a sensor in series with the speedometer cable and when you exceed your personal speed limit by three mph the speakers get disconnected? I think most people with speed restrictions would probably hate the thought of driving without their music.
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By CycoMage
Could this be modified into a parental-control device, as in an on-off control (password, key,etc.)? ;-7

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