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By Jesse
The problem is not that it is too difficult to vote, the problem is that its too easy to vote. Why make it easier?

Do you really want that goofball who just cut you off in traffic, and then gave you the finger, to go home and click for president? This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, because stupidity runs on both sides. It is best that only the most informed and most motivated voter actually casts a vote. We need fewer and more educated voters.
By ekcol
actually, to that last comment, I would like that goofball you mentioned to be able to vote. That is sort of the point of democracy, that everyone has a voice. If you want some kind of elite, who of course must be determined by someone's discretion, to rule the country, then you support oligarchy, and there really isnt any reason for an oligarchal government to be democratic at all....after all, "they know whats best for the people." (sarcasm)

besides that, the reason internet voting wont work is that not everyone has internet.
By DragAndFly
We do not allow the public at large to vote on every issue because it would be mob rule. Mob rule will always beat down the minorities and remove rights of those not in the majority. Democracy, in its true form, encourages things such as slavery and genocide. A represinative form of government the greatest chance of minority representation and protection.

I do feel that some issues should be put to a general public vote though. An example of some issues I would like to see given over to a public vote would be the wage earned by those who represent us. I also believe acts of war should require a full public vote.

Currently, there are too many people who do not use the internet for it to be viable as a voting method. Some do not have access, as in rural areas. Some choose not to use it. The current system of casting a vote does not require much of the voter to participate. As with other replies, I agree that there are way to many ways to take advantage of a vote cast in this way.

I think it's a good idea if we limit what the public get a majority vote on and do not change the way we currently vote.

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