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By dazzer
Simple idea, for expensive cars...

If your car is stolen, when you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is flick a switch and panels on the roof begin to flash, this will alert people on the street + police know that the car is stolen. The panels could be on the door and on the roof.
By samUnion
By morning, the light panels would probably be disabled.
By Daryl666
hidden GPS units are so much more conseilable and feasable. car rental companies use them in just about all of their vehicles. you would be able to find ur car anywhere in the world down to a couple of square feet.
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By 1313
I once remember seeing a system where the number plate would change to say the words STOLEN. This would mean that people would report it as they saw it. I suppose this was before navsat stuff?
By afhunt2798
Even better might just be for the car to be disabled - ie. the next time it stopped moving (for example at traffic lights), the car would disable itself. Maybe even lock the criminal inside and broadcast its position. As long as it is disabled when it's stationary it shouldn't be hazardous, and it would work better than lights. Just a thought...

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