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By Matthew
I was thinking of a tablet that would dissolve in a pool creating heat so their wouldn't be a reason to have a heater which costs a lot of money. If anybody has any ideas about this please write back.

Reward: A sample
By Rishi
What Matthew refers to is probably the heat of solution of a chemical. Even in chemicals having the highest heat of solution the quantity of heat produced is quite small compared to the weight of the chemical. Unfortunately the chemical becomes a part of the water after dissolution. This renders the water unfit for use even for swimming.

There is an option. It is easy to produce gamma radiation sources in a nuclear reactor. If such a source is encapsulated in lead, the radiation cannot escape but warms the lead sheath. If such a capsule is buried in the water it will continuously warm the water. Since such sources have a half life of about 5 years, it should easily function for about 15 years before needing a replacement.

This idea was suggested many years back for use in sea beds to increase the plankton formation, which is the bottom end of the marine food chain. By stages this was to increase marine population to solve the food shotage of that omnivore called Homo Sapiens.

By starcraftdude89
I would recommend an acid, but you would have to put the tablet in first, because we all know what happens when water mixes with an acid. But the acid would have to be harmless to human skin. I think it is definitely possible.
By Rishi
Acids are rather unsuitable. The human skin is not designed for low pH contact. The problem is still the quantity of heat of solution (Heat of dilution for acids). One of the highest in this regard is dilution of sulphuric acid. About 200 ml (nearly 7 oz) of concentrated sulphuric acid added to 4 litres ( about 1 US Gallon) will raise the temperature by about 20 degrees Celsius(about 40 deg F).That will be a pretty strong acid solution to swim in. We have to keep adding the acid too to maintain the temperature.

Direct heating will be safe and cheaper than getting heat by heat of solution or dilution.


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