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By that'smyQueue!
Most folk who use computers, correct me if I am wrong, don't care a jot how they work, they just want them to work. But the manuals are very complicated and long-winded the info. Goes on and on. YAWN. My local computer firms charge call-out fees, even for fixing problems they've already supposed to have fixed, then an hourly rate + parts and VAT. And then they'll keep me waiting sometimes for 2 weeks before they turn up. I have to make about 6 calls to get them here. Horrendous. And when they've gone, I later find out the problem could have been fixed in a few seconds had I known how to do it. Rip-off! SCREAM...

I would prefer to pay a reasonable annual subscription to a FIX IT firm with whom I can communicate quickly so my technical problems are solved FAST. Maybe an on-line FIX IT company, who can enter my computer to fix it on-line?

Reward: Peace of mind. No hassle. Save money and time.
By sevenizm
Ok ok ok, lets not stop at the computer. Carpenters, car mechanics, electricians, plumbers, lawn care, maybe even doctors. Have it set up like a HMO. Pay one company and your elegible to be a patron at different services at different times.

Set it up as a point sysytem. You pay a certain amount monthly, get a certain amount of points monthly. (Sliding scale price/point ratio) spend a certain amount of points a month. Rollover points. Let the points accumulate. The longer you don't use the service the more points you accumilate. More points = bigger things can get fixed.

Maybe things should be registered when they are bought. That way the manufactures warrenty could somehow included. (Like if under warrenty no points charged). The repair shops will have to be certified and trust worthy.

Please respond to this. Aye or Nay.
If this does set off, I would like 36 months of points every year
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By Steve
Speaking of doctors - actually this is the classical health insurance for your computer. In other words, the system already exists - just needs to be extended to non-living objects. :-b
By WayneR
Perhaps I may create this myself.

What all would you like to see included in this service?

I will only be starting it as computers and perhaps expand to other things. I can easily connect to peoples computers and fix them remotely without them ever having to do a thing other than call me and give me their IP address. (Which actually I could come up with a software that even gives me that!) So all they would have to do is call me or email me telling me the problem and I could have it fixed quickly without them having to follow instructions or do ANYTHING at all!!
By ajiabs
Its pretty interesting to see this. we have tried to do a similar service for consumers. people with computer and related problem come to site and chat with a live technician. If the technician feels they can resolve the issue, user will be directed to a payment system to pay upfront. Then the agent will help out with the problem.

The idea was to make the site pay as you go first. then later if its successful change to a subscription model.

anyway the site was completed. Its at[url].

I have not yet started marketing it well as there was few other projects took up my time. Anyway let me know what you think about the site the way its set up.[/url]

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