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By shankitr
The bathroom is my Idearoom. I generate most of my ideas when spiritually lazying in the tub. I have to walk out of the tub or peep out of the tub, dry my hands n then write down my ideas. HEADACHE IT IS!!! I am looking for a notepad n a pen, both of which are highly waterproof! I want my ideas written under water.

Reward: life long supply of such notes and pens
By WayneR
already invented. Go to the "kids" section at wal-mart!

They have water colors. Its more like a water "Crayon" and you would have to get a white board. Then vula you have an under water meathod of writing your ideas down. (Then transfer them to paper or your computer later)
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By Steve
I don't think you would want to write an elaborate concept with a crayon. :-?
By matthewroberts

I am definately the same way with my ideas. The best ideas come while in the restroom. Here's a suggestion that might hlep.

We use underwater tablets for Scuba Diving.

I believe if you were to go visit a local scuba shop, most carry this white board. We use pencils while diving. Pencils = better than crayons. Your thumb can rub away the tab to clean it.

Presto: now your ideas can get out so new ones can grow inside

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