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By AaronBurns
Have you ever had too much of one thing to eat or drink such as a sports drink, coffee, turkey or some other food or drink and when you went to use the bathroom your waste discharge into the toilet, wet or solid, smelled unusual? Of course you have.

I have proven that you can use extracts of scented products to scent your waste. Try drinking vannilla extract and see what that smells like when you go to relieve yourself of waste. I propose we concentrate extracts, in pill or gel cap form, and scent our waste. Eventually we would all smell like your favorite cologne or perfume when we went to the bathroom. You could literally smell like anything. A more civilized World should have the best smelling bathrooms. Don't you think?

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By jackj
Few of the NSW folks saw this on yesterdays WisemAns Ferry event. Ask yourself the question, how many times have you brought yourself an air freshener, to only have it last a few weeks? Well here is a simple idea that will have your car smelling fresh for months on end. AND its very affordable.

Next time your doing your shopping, pick up one of these:
By Michealleo
Well i think it's an interesting post . can u tell me it's ur own research or u've got those pills from somewhere ? because i've never had have heard about those pills . And also it's safe to use those pill ?

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