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By Steve
Michael D. Grissom wrote:Image

Thanks guys!

My patent attorney and I will send you a thank you card from our beach front mansions in Hawaii!

Glad to see you around again, Mike. :D
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By swimmer
Oooooooooooooh !! You guys forgot about the mayonaise !! ?

That should be added 2 ... The triple mix "Katchardaise "
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By Michael D. Grissom
I see where you're heading Swimmer -- grind everything up and make a complete hot dog in a tube? ..a one squirt lunch? I'm still waiting for someone to make those one pill expanding meals (Popular Science 1980's).
By TVC4Life
After a rigorous debate at lunch, involving some of the greatest minds in the health care industry, it has been determined that using one bottle for ketchup and mustard will save cost, space and time for both the producer and consumer. However we have some questions that need to get answered:

-What if the consumer's ratio between K:M changes depending on the meal?
-How would the manufacturing process be affected by this radical change?
-How will President Obama stimulize this industry so the US gets out of recession?
-What is the cost savings for retailers who now will use less shelf space?
-When is the estimated project completion date?

Please reply soon so this current inefficiency in the market gets fixed with minimal further damage to American's wallets, hamburgers and cabinets.
By TheSanFranciscoTreat
Great questions TVC4Life! You've really invested some time into developing this product!

I have performed a customer survey to identify value in the eyes of the customer. The feedback I have received has indicated a strong desire for 65/35 ketchup-to-mustard ratio, along with a 50/50 ratio. Based on our current production means, we should be able to produce these products with little or no additional cost to the consumer. This is great news!

The biggest concern was whether or not the ketchup and mustard would be mixed into a brownish sludge. How do you envision that we solve this problem without altering the packaging to create a divided container? It works well with peanut butter and jelly since they don't mix, but we have a conundrum here with two similar density condiments.

Any feedback would be valuable to our team.

Condimixers, Inc.
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By Michael D. Grissom
In my opinion, the "brownish sludge" would not look appealing enough to be marketable until after 2012 when its color matches everything else on earth (assuming old prophecies come true). The preferred red and yellow ratios can be fixed just the same as the striped toothpaste so why not stick with what has already succeeded? A quick survey would probably show that BLACK lemonade would not sell.
By TheSanFranciscoTreat
Michael D. Grissom wrote:A quick survey would probably show that BLACK lemonade would not sell.

You bring up an interesting point. The kids are all longing for the comeback of Crystal Pepsi. Maybe it's time we invent Cola Sprite.

Along those lines, if we want to get the perfect mix of ketchup and mustard, it would probably be best if we find a consultant who helped perfect the mixture of lemon and lime in 7up.


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