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By Steve
DirtpatchSmacky wrote:sorry to say this, but this idea, while maybe a good mental exerscise, , is onlly that. the cans rigidity, allows many many cases to be stacked on top of each other for transport and storage. i know of absolutely no comapy that will pay the tremendous added expense of storage/shipping that will be incured by this idea , so that the cunsumer may have a slightly easier time crushing the product deleivery device.
man, i need a spell check badly.

As long as the cans are unopened, the inside pressure will keep them from collapsing under weight. (Having said that, even the empty cans shouldn't collapse under direct pressure, only when a bit of twist is applied.)
By DirtpatchSmacky
i suppose that if the can were somehow designed to resit outward collapse, meaning that the sides of the can could only collapse inward, then the pressure of the soda might prevent collapse under wieght. but sheer forces arent so easily controlled. i guess that a small groove on the outer side of the can that spiraled around the can starting at the top lip, wrapping around once, to finish at the bottom lip could acheive that. but still again it would add to the cost of the deleivery device since the can would have to be a thicker mill than normal to accomodate a slight groove yet still maintain integrity. what ever is come up with design whys, would have to be as cheap or cheaper than traditional methods or no one will use it, even if a design adds .01 cent to the cost of each can, producers will shy away from it.
I'm not trying to rain on any ones parade here, the best opinions you can get when dealing with a new invention are criticisms.

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