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By AaronBurns
To look more like the real thing you might want to fasten the necktie in back, like a necklace would, with velcro rather than like Clip-On ties go on. You could make any neckwear like a necklace or other types of clothing or jewelery that fastens in the back with velcro.

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By greatjay
hey, i sorta like that idea... i just started a fashion apparel and accessories company and would like to extend an invite to you if you'd like to merge some of your ideas with what we already have. For this idea, it might also make some sense to have a way of allowing the wearer knott his own ties in advance and still be able to put it on with the velcro stip. That way wearers have the flexiblity of wearing their ties quick and also having it knotted the way of their choice.

Good job! :>
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By AaronBurns
I would love to extend a hand and be an asset too you for this venture into Capialism for our own benifits.
We could really have some thing here.
There are easy guides to tie ties and we could show examples of each finished tie and they could order online intheir choice of tie and example of the ties end look!
I am all for it!


Hear from you soon!
By greatjay
Hey Aaron, sorry for the late response. I am still learning how to navigate around this site. But I just now saw your response. Hey, I think you would be a great asset to any company because you are very creative. I am also a very creative thinker and goal oriented, and that's why at 26 I have launched a company and fashion line. Here is my privete email:
Am glad that you are all in... and I think that together we could be an unstopable team in making this world better and also getting rewarded. When I receive your email, we will discuss further about our proposed partnership.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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