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By Elliot!
I think it's a good idea - very thoughful and considerate.

Yes, the best relationships are of two partners who NEVER need a reminder, but believe it or not, some relationships could Gain from a thing like this whether they really NEEDED it or not.

Even the relationships that are a thought to be ideal endure periods where good times are scarce. Occasionally we encounter relationships in which, throughout work and the other distressors of daily life, partners miss the subtle mediation times in which they can think hott thoughts haha!

Yes, we have PDAs and Calendars for that in the present day, but I think the point is that people forget to USE these things for their Romance. They fall into use for other categories of life and they may never have a thing to do with your romantic practices.

Something made especially for this whole ordeal, nicely and conveniently crafted for exciting and freshening your romantic life on a regular basis - would be appreicated by most.

Once Again, Very Considerate - There are many couples I know who would love this idea whether for a little spice and change, or for a realistic helping hand in the realm of romance!
By probass16
ok, the thought behind it is good. i don't personally even have a PDA, so i don't use it, or the calander for that matter. i'm just saying that i usually remember the big things. the little things should be forgivable if the person really loves you. i just don't like the head splitting thing. if it was like, something the size of a cell phone or something, that you could just carry around. that would be better in my opinion.
By probass16
i just read the topic again, because i forgot all the details. i dont' know where i got the head splitting thing from. it's been a long time since i posted that, and i don't know what i was thinking. but still, the fact that some people are stupid in there relationships, makes people like me that actually remember look good, lol. if people didn't forget, than remembering wouldn't be as special in the first place, and no one would care if you did. it's up to you which one you want to be. i have the worst memory ever, but i find a way to remember these things, which makes them more surprised when i do, lol.
By Crooner
I have to agree with Elliot! - I think this is a grand idea. Take it from me, I have been married for 19 years and I love my wife dearly. I just don't think to be romantic - with the kids, work and other crap - who can?
I did signup for that website mentioned earlier a few weeks ago and I must say, if you follow the romance tips it sends you like I did, your relationship will improve. My wife noticed the difference after 2 or 3 weeks. It's not that I am some kind of Romeo now or anything, I'm just reminded to do the little things that make the difference. It was that little push that I needed.
Yes I do have a wedding band like stated earlier and that should be all the reminder that I need but I personally need pretty much slapped in the face to remember something let alone do something.
By 4nn4605
The mind can only focus on 7 topics at a time and for those of us with kids, work, and misc. hobbies and groups (like church) even the wedding band can slip the mind when theres a crises. So even when you are in a wonderful realtionship, you can still forget events (even importants ones) once in while without a good many reminders.
By JohnEarl
I think we can always do with a reminder now and again. Life gets busy or stressful and it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day of life. I too have a wedding band but I think investing in your relationship is still a great habit to get into. Sites like look useful for that - though setting a reminder in your office calendar software or writing reminders in a real-life calendar can work too.

Another site similar to is, random reminder emails and you can also get advanced warning of aniversaries. I also like the price, $0 (free!) :>
By Hecate
This is insane to me!! I am 26 have been married for 7 years. My world revolves around him. Everything I do is for him and the quality of our life together. We work and function as a team (the way marriage is supposed to be!). If you are married and need a reminder to take time with your mate, your vision of marriage is severely askued. I am sorrry for you

Not everyone is you. Some people are very busy or just have personalities that mean they forget to spend time with their spouse. That doesn't mean they don't love their partner or their vision of marriage is "severely askued [sic]."

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