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By lovetta604
Stops your own finger getting covered in boggies does exactly wot it says in the title.

Reward: cleaner fingers
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By Steve
This one would keep an entire science team busy for about a month! Remember that you don't want to hurt your nose and that you don't want to pull any of your nose hair in the process.

But this is only a small fraction of the anticipated problems. What will you do with your harvest? Will this device also contain an integrated boggie-roller? And not to forget, we'll also have to construct a boggie-terminator for final disposal.

Life can be so complicated! :-P
By Guest
you could play a game with your friends and see who can get the bigger mound of them :-D
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By Steve
Sure, but you could also do that without a boggie-picker. Anonymous, you definitely didn't get the point! :~(

I think you are just trying to be disgusting.

(Secret note to myself: This forum needs a smilie that is boggie-picking...)
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Oh wait - my mistake: that pipe is obviously in your schnozz...
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Steve - It has been a month already. Where is the boggie-picking smilie? I would also like to see a confused smilie. Sometimes you just need that "what?!" look. :-D
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By Steve
8-o ?
By pmcsmile
That is kind of nasty. But most interesting for those who pick there nose.
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By Steve
I've found it! Here it is:
Insert the blue end into your nose and pull the black end. Voila - all boggies removed! This specimen even comes with a huge tank: you can use it multiple times without ever having to clean it!

Ain't it grand??? :-D

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