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By shari
GPS-based local traffic situation viewer: Given the GPS satellites and mapping satellites we have today, if we can have satellites dedicated to specific areas, we can have them prepare dynamic maps of the traffic situation: 1. periodically, 2. On demand. I am driving my car fitted with a GPS-local traffic situation viewer (LTSV). I got into a jam, and want to know the situation ahead and behind (can I go on the wrong side ;-), take a turn here, take a right in the next road etc.), I just press the button in my LTSV. That sends my current position, and gets me a traffic picture. If the place is pretty crowded, we can assume that many people will push their buttons and hence the picture needn't be taken multiple times. The device can have controls for zooming in and out, and for traversing up, down, left and right, so I can trace to find the site of obstruction if any. Don't know if such a device already exists.

Reward: One such device to survive the Bangalore traffic

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