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By Jennifer Haase
A calculator that saves your input (like a grocery store Tyme/Credit calculator) so that you can keep track of finances. There are too many people with money troubles and there's not enough time to sit down and write down every transaction you make with all of our techological options: Credit Cards, Tyme Cards, Checks, Cash, Money Orders, Deposits, Transfers, etc. These days there's less use for checkbooks and more of a need for a digital, easy-to-use hand-held calculator that saves your information indefinately. Balancing your income will never be made more simple than this!

Reward: my own product.
By Tommahawk
Go to your local store and buy a PDA, at least a palm pilot some are better. My friend is with a company that gives a cool $8,000 dollar PDA to carry around. He does all those things you mentioned and more due to the fact that he knows how to use it to its full potential.

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