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Imagine going into a lake, a pond, or especially the ocean or bay and laying down in the sand to absorb the healing sun's rays only to stand up and realize that not only that you can't tan on the other side, but your entire back side is covered in sand that you would only make a bigger mess trying to towel it off (sand, towels and the daily wash don't go together very well). If you sit there for over an hour you might dry out and the sand sticks a little less but is still there. If you could lie down anywhere and not have things stick to you just by applying a nice smelling skin lotion, then wouldn't you want to do that? You could make a spray on lotion and coat your clothing too so you don't have sandy shorts or swim suits all day.

Reward: $1,000,000,000,000 or a free supply of this lotion at your own discretion.

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