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By Jeff Henderson
I have this rotten fire alarm that goes off every time I make ham and eggs in the morning. What I would need is a smart fire alarm with a "nose" that can distinguish between "good" and "bad" smoke. So when I make breakfast in the morning, the alarm will say "Yummy, that's bacon!" and keep silent.

Reward: Yep, I want one of those for my living room!!!
By R. Lloyd Nelson
Well, I don't suppose many arsonists are using bacon fat for an accelerant.
By Emily
This is one of the best ideas! I have the same problem with my smoke alarm! If this smoke alarm is ever sold in stores I will be the first to get it!
By Takoma Park
Hey, this is a great idea! I have the same problem - stick a pizza in the oven, and spend ten minutes waving a frisbee under the smoke detector. We need this product NOW!
By kniff
What if the bacon catches fire while you're not looking?
By duh
didn't someone say "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? ..seems like you have a handy dandy gadget for determining when food is done....
By noone
just put the smoke dedector to the bedroom while you r cooking...
By Michael
Smell is carried by particles in the air and neccesarily they have to be different otherwise everything would smell the same, so an advanced smoke alarm could run some tests (take about a fraction of a second) and figure out if its bacon or curtains.

A problem. Every time you refurnish your house it would hve to be reprogramed.

Possible solution. You could have it with a sensing plate,
place a sample of your new carpet on the plate and it would reprogram itself.
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By Steve
Sounds cool. Reminds me of a police dog - maybe we could name it the "smoke hound" or something... ;-D
By Shogun
UNlikely a company would manufacture the device for two reasons:

1) High risk - what if it makes a mistake: the consequence? Death. Would such a company risk all its profits for one year been wiped out by a couple of law-suits in a decade

2) Many fires are caused by activity which would produce both "friendly" and "dangerous" smells together. A chip pan for example. Smell of bacon would accompany real fire smoke.

I'm not knowledgeable to know whether it could be perfected, but for such an important functional device the straks are high (No pun intended).
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By Michael D. Grissom
How about a large red 'PAUSE' button on the alarm that will turn it off for 30 minutes -- even if it has already activated because you forgot to punch the button. If your in the kitchen cooking, you really don't need that close-by alarm to tell you if you have a fire or not. AND... if you need more time -- just punch it again.

This would be like a large instrument panel "PANIC" button that could save a lot of pilots (like Kennedy and passengers) every year just by initiating all the aircraft autopilot features simultaneously -- something I've always wanted to see done.
By colacool2003
Hey i have somthing that goes behind the back of my stove and it has 3 settings its called a fan and it sucks the smoke right into it and sends it out of the house. or just turn the smoke detector off and dont forget to turn it back on. :-D

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