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By Erek James Hartsell
No more messing around with ice and having that watery mess. Looks like a ice cooler, but with no ice. A special compartment inside, but pushed to the back, will hold the refrigerator apparatus. Not having ice allows more space. The refrigerator will be operated on a battery. It will have two wheels on one end, and on the other end will be a long handle.

I know this is a stupid idea, i know your probably saying "putting ice in it will be much simpler", but, wouldn't it be nice to have an extra refrigerator lying around. The portable refrigerator will be compact, basicly the size of a large cooler. It'll be useful when the power goes out (you're probably going to need to buy a couple of batteries if it's on for an extended amount of time). I live in California and since we have a power crisis the power sometimes goes out, I know i would enjoy the "portable refrigerator". Get back to me on what any of you think.

Reward: Reduced stress.
By AaronAgassi
Okay, I know, I know, judgment is to be suspended in Brainstorming. But the idea in and of itself is fully fleshed, and the only challenged left to Brainstorm are the engineering questions.

I do wonder if even a car battery would adequately power such a thing!

So, how can it be done, if at all? Or else, what can better approximate it than what we already have?
By yoyo
#972's already been done. We got one on a fishing trip this summer. It doesn't run on batteries, but you can plug it into the wall or to an adapter in your car. :,-(
By AaronAgassi
Well then, that rather answers both my questions.
By ikshah
Anonymous's already been done. We got one on a fishing trip this summer. It doesn't run on batteries, but you can plug it into the wall or to an adapter in your car. :,-(

Can you let me know where I can get it from and at what price? We are looking for such a product for the rural folks in Kenya who do not have electricity grid but many use solar panels.

By duh
buy a portable generator and plug your refridgerator in it.
By Derek
#1088 is where you can find info about igloo cooler's products. They have many different ones (there is one that is 12V). Check out their active cooling line of products. They are various sizes, and run on various sources of electricity. I'm sure you can get it from their site.
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Portable refrigerators are an old, old idea. The first expeditions to the South Pole already had them... to keep things warm.
By miner
You can buy one of these at walmart
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By Michael D. Grissom
I have a Coleman cooler that plugs into both 115 VAC/1.4 amps (home) and 12 VDC/5.25 amps (car cigarette lighter). It keeps things ice cold and the only moving part is a small 2" diameter fan that's almost totally silent. I bought it at a close-out price of $39 at Service Merchandise 2 years ago.

Beware: they all have a small cooling fan to keep the solid state cooling unit from self-destructing. If a blade of grass pokes through the fans vent and siezes it -- kiss the cooler goodbye.

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