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By Mohamed Mansour
Purpose is to fight fires in woods, oil wells, high rise buildings or any fire when fire hose cannot reach.

Idea is to use a cannon that shoots at fire source a fire fighting material bomb (water, foam, gas, sand or any substance that cools below flash point, or absorbs oxygen to extinguish fires). We can also drop a foam or gas bomb from an aeroplane that explodes and spreads fire fighting substance over a wide area above woods fire. We can also use heat sensitive directing device for a rocket full of such materials to be attracted to fire by heat .
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By Michael D. Grissom
Also think about this;

There's always forest fires going on.
There's always military training missions.

Why not combine? Instead of bombing practice targets with imaginary bombs, why not bomb with tons of water ballons on a current forest fire? Or even bomb with those massive vapor bombs that suck all the oxygen out of vast areas (like those used in Vietnam).
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By CycoMage
Let's hope that a heat-seeking fire-fighting projectile doesn't instead find a campfire, controlled burn, or back-fire (not as in backfire, but a burn used to remove fuel ahead of the blaze). :-o

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